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Darth Vader Says No!
Category: General Blog
Tags: darth vader star wars

George Lucas has been at it again, once more angering many fans of the Star wars franchise, particularly those that grew up with the original trilogy. Back in 1997 he released special editions of the first 3 films and they did look much nicer with ambient lighting effects and new CGI added, but many felt that the additional and altered scenes were totally unnecessary, such as the 'Greedo shoots first' scene and the addition of young anakin's ghost in the final moments of Return Of The Jedi.

With the recent release of the entire franchise on Blu-Ray disks another scene has been tampered with, much to the disgust of not just Star Wars fans but people that appreciate cinema as an art form and believe art should not be altered once the audience has elevated a certain piece with artistic merit. The scene in question is toward the end of Return Of The Jedi; Luke Skywalker is being tortured by the emperor as Vader stands alongside him. Vader looks at Luke, looks at the emperor, looks back at Luke, and then marches over to the emperor and after picking him up he throws him down the reactor shaft. All was done in silence without Vader saying a word. The wordless on-screen actions were enough to convey the scenario that Vader had decided to reject the dark side and protect his son.

Well.... now in that same scene, Darth looks at Luke, looks at the emperor, looks back at Luke and says "No!", then marches to the emperor and while picking him up cries out "Noooooooo" which sounds like the same voice clip from the final moments of the Revenge Of The Sith movie. It sounds crap and ruins a scene that was perfect already. Simon Pegg who is well known for being a fan of the films made the following Twitter post:

Always loved Vader's wordless self sacrifice. Another shitty, clueless, revision like Greedo and young Anakin's ghost. What a ****ing shame.

There is also a BBC article discussing it, which is where I learned about the scene alteration, here.

And here is a YouTube video of the scene. One comment which I found very amusing was:

I felt a great disturbance in the Blu-ray sales, as if millions of fans suddenly cried out in terror and preorders were suddenly canceled.

And lastly the usual 'Hitler's rant' video regarding the scene change:


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