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The Sorcerers (1967)
Category: General Blog
Tags: film horror 60's karloff

A bit of a classic film that I saw on TV as a kid which stuck with me. Boris Karloff is a crazy old professor who has perfected the art of hypnotism. Using the latest swinging sixties high tech kit he and his wife have the power to gain control of a person's mind and control them remotely, and to feel every sensation that the victim feels. For example if the victim swigs a whiskey they feel the taste and sensation, and if he cuts himself, they don't just feel the pain but also get an identical cut.
Along comes a bored and disillusioned Ian Ogilvy and Karloff persuades him to come back to his grubby council flat where he hooks him up to a rickety chair with some wires and headphone speakers. They dim the lights and turn on some ambient disco lights, switch on lots of sonic oscillators and project a psychedelic lava scene onto his face. Hey presto he is now under their control.

While going about his daily life, Ogilvy now 'receives' thoughts from Karloff and his misses. Karloff's wife starts to get greedy however and has him stealing fur coats and committing other hideous crimes so she can feel the sensations. She basically ruins the young mans life despite Karloff's disgust but they all get their comeuppance in the end.
Directed by Michael Reeves who also directed Witchfinder General. Nice to see it again.


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