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Tags: PC Games Dungeon Siege Spellforce RPG Fantasy role playing game dragon

One particular gaming genre I am pleased to see being utilised by developers at the moment is the fantasy RPG. I've always enjoyed a good fantasy yarn told through the medium of a PC game. These games when done well are a highly immersive escapist experience. I guess it started for me with the text adventure games on the Commodore 64. Those were basically played by reading and inputting text, with the odd graphical representation of your environment. The more simpler of these titles had a very simple 'parser', the text engine if you like, with which the user was able to interact with the game. Simple commands such as 'Look West', 'Open Box' and 'Look In Box' were used. More complex parsers enabled the user to use commands such as 'Open the red box and examine it'. Later I would discover and play 'The Bard's tale'. A true RPG which had you embarking on an epic quest as one of 6 classes with many spells that you entered from your spell book within the manual, this was basically Dungeons And Dragons in computer form with the PC working out all of the dice throws.

Moving on swiftly to around the year 2000 I played such great titles as Baldurs Gate and it's sequel Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn. There were several titles by Black Isle Games\Bioware that used the same system of a 3D isometric perspective with nice visuals and a good combat interface. Parts of the game gave you text to read in the form of conversations with people or creatures within the game's universe or you could find information scattered around in books and other places, and the text was of a very high quality in that you felt like you were playing a part in a well written book.

A couple of years later and fully 3D games emerged with titles such as Neverwinter Nights, The Elder Scrolls series of games and Dungeon Seige. These games put you in control of a particular character in a fully immersive 3D world, armed with strength, courage and a plethora of magic skills.

My favourite RPG game has to be the Spellforce series, comprising of Spellforce 1 followed by it's expansions: The Breath of Winter and Shadow of the Phoenix and also Spellforce 2 with it's expansion story Dragon Storm and the soon to be released Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny expansion. Spellforce is different in the way that it combined the usual 3D fantasy RPG with real time strategy games. One mission might see you immersed in the 3D world wandering through the beautifully rendered landscapes, where the next level would have you building a base and amassing troops in order to destroy an enemy Orc camp elsewhere on the map.

Coming later in June this year is Dungeon Siege 3. This is a 3D action RPG that looks to have lovely graphics and a great story, and I think I will be giving it a go! :)


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