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Unreal Tournament
Category: General Blog
Tags: pc games fps

Way back in the year 2000 I installed a demo of Unreal Tournament on my humble PC powered by a Cyrix 166 processor with a PR of 200, and a 3DFX Voodoo 3 graphics card. I fell in love with the game, the science fiction overtones of the graphics and music as well as the fun gameplay. I bought the GOTY edition and over the course of several years I played it constantly, adding new maps and mods and also developing my own character skins and voice packs. Eventually I got a copy of UT 2003 but by then my interest had waned a little and I didn't take to the new release. It just didn't have the same feel to it, the gameplay seemed faster even though the original could get very manic, and the characters didn't seem appealing. Suffice to say I didn't play it much and I also skipped UT 2004. Cut to 2014 and I have recently purchased a copy of UT3 (released in 2007) and I feel like I have come back to my roots with PC gaming. A bit late to the party but I love the game. The sci fi elements and the music are just as good as I remember and the gameplay seems very much like it was back in the day. I have added maps and mods and some cool characters already and I find it great fun to play. The vehicles are a very nice addition, especially the towering Darkwalkers which resemble the tripods from War of the Worlds.

I somewhat miss the gametype of 'Assault' but the Warfare gametype is a decent replacement. And the hoverboard vehicle is really cool when racing away after capturing the enemy's flag. It's also got me searching YouTube to hear the old music from the original game. My setup of UT99 was pretty good in the end, a single player campaign akin to the official Nali expansion that you could play with bots and lots of really cool mutators and gametypes, a fun for a while favourite being 'Crotch Shot' which enabled you to make an instant kill if you hit an enemy square in the crotch, with the game announcer exclaiming "CROTCH SHOT!" It had amusing death explanations on the game hud such as "Kryss will never have children again" etc. Fun!

I created a backup of my UT folder so one day I might reminisce. Last time I checked it out the game ran far too fast under my processor but I believe there are fixes for that. And now I am very much looking forward to the release of Unreal Tournament 4, which will be free but will have purchasable maps and mods etc. I would definitely have to say that UT is my favourite game as I have never had so much prolonged fun on any other PC game.


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